A-Level Course

A-Level (Nielit New Delhi)

A-Level Course
Blending Knowledge with Skills
A-level Course
Eligibility: 'O' Level / Undergraduate
(can be done with 2nd and 3rd year of graduation) / Graduate

The NIELIT 'A' level is an advanced level standard computer course. This is a part of the 4-tier scheme of AICTE and Deptt. of I.T., Govt. of India which makes it a valuable asset in the job-market.

'A' level is an excellent option for 'O' level holders and/or undergraduate students. It can be done alongside regular college classes for B.A./B.Com/B.Sc. etc. Thus by the time the graduation course gets completed, the 'A' level holder is ready to secure a good place in the job market.

'A' level is the shortest & quickest route for a prosperous career in I.T. industry. Also, 'A' level can act as a base to acquire globally valued I.T. certifications of I.T. majors such as Cisco, RedHat, Oracle and Microsoft. These certifications lead to super specialized skills in niche areas of networking, open sources, database administration and software development - all with excellent growth possibilities across the globe. ‘A’ Level under DOEACC Scheme

Objective of ‘A’ Level Course in Information Technology

The objective of the course is to equip a student with necessary skills as per following jobrole based on specialisation attained.
  1. Freelancer (For self-employed)Full Stack Developer
  2. Data Scientist/Analyst
  3. IoT Architect
  4. IoT Developer
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst
  6. Information Security Analyst
  7. Training Faculty

NIELIT 'A' Level programme recognised vide Govt. of India Notification 43 dt. 01/03/95 as amended vide Notification 49 dt. 10/04/96

An Excellent Addition To Your College Degree

Convenient to pursue alongwith graduation on part-time basis.

A Job-oriented advanced programme to develop high-calibre software professionals.
A Government recognised qualification to become a Computer Science Teacher in Government Colleges without doing B.Ed.
Graduates with 'A' level are preferred by Banks/Finance / Insurance sector, Govt. colleges, MNC's etc. for purpose of employment.

'A' level qualifiers are accepted by Govts. of USA & Japan for working visas.

 The 'A' Level Curriculam

The NIELIT syllabus has been specially designed by an inter-disciplinary committee comprising well-known I.T. professionals from industry as well as academia under the aegis of NIELIT, Deptt. of I.T., Govt. of India .
NIELIT incorporates the latest developments in its curriculum extremely rapidly leaving conventional universities and colleges far behind.
ADVANTECH's A' Level curriculum includes renowned Microsoft/CISCO/ ORACLE/RedHat certification as optional.
The 'A' level programme, involving more than 1300 hours of inputs, can be done on one-year full-time or two years part-time basis

Programme Structure#

Module No.
Contact Hours
 Semester - I
Information Technology Tools and Network Basics
Web Designing & Publishing
Data Structure Though Object Oriented Programming Language
 Semester - II

Programming and Problem Solving through Python


IInternet of Things and its Applications

Database Technologies
One module out of A9.1-R5, A9.2-R5, A9.3-R5, A9.4-R5 and A9.5-R5

Practical based on A1-R5, A2-R5, A3-R5 and A4-R5

PR-II Practical based on A5-R5, A6-R5 and A7-R5  
Mini Project
  Project Work  
Semester - III
A8-R5 Systems Analysis, Design and Testing
A10.x-R5 One module out of A10.1-R5, A10.2- R5, A10.3-R5, A10.4-R5 and A10.5-R5      
Project Major Project (350 hours) based on specialized area.      

Subject to revision by NIELIT.
Successful students of the O'-Level course, pursuing A' level, will be exempted from M1-R5, M2-R5,M3-R5 and M4-R5 modules in the A' level examinations.

Specialized Modules (For modules 9 and 10, student will have to select one specialized group out of five groups.

Specialized Area: Data Analytics
A9.1-R5 Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop
A10.1-R5 Data Science Using Python
Specialized Area: Web Application Development
A9.2-R5 Web Application Using PHP
A10.2-R5 Full Stack Web Development Using MVC Framework
Specialized Area: Information Security
A9.3-R5 Network Management
A10.3-R5 Information Security Management
Specialized Area: Internet of Things
A9.4-R5 Internet of Things (IoT): A Practical Approach
A10.4-R5 Internet of Things (IoT) Using Raspberry Pi
Specialized Area: Artificial Intelligence
A9.5-R5 Artificial Intelligence Concepts and R Programming
A10.5-R5 Machine Learning Using Python


The Students have to devote half of the total time allotted to each module for the practical session. Practical assignments have been worked out for each theory paper. The Practical 1 examination will be based on the syllabi of A1, A2, A3 and A4 modules and Practical-2 will be based on the syllabi A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 and A10, modules of A' level course.

Project Work

The students are required to undertake a project during the A' level. It may be started after successful completion of any five papers and may be submitted when the candidate appears for the final examinations. The project should be an individual one and the topic has to have prior approval from NIELIT. This aims at developing and demonstrating the problem-solving skills and the system-design abilities of the student.

The Final Examinations

These are conducted on a national basis by the NIELIT - the agency designated by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India - twice in a year, in January and July. The students must complete the entire course including Practical Exam in a maximum period of five years. The final examinations are supported by continuous internal evaluation of the students.


The internal assessment of academic performance is based on the evaluation of the following:-

a) Seminars/Class Participation      b) Project work      c) Tests/Quizes     d) Final examinations.

The results are provided in the form of performance grades accordingly.

80% and above      Outstanding
70%-79%               Excellent
60%-69%               Good
50%-59%               Fair
<50%                     Fail

Guidelines for the admission test

Written test will be of two hours duration and will consist of questions covering areas such as basic Mathematical concepts, Analytical ability, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning ability, comprehension and English language. The question paper will comprise four sections as follows.

Section-1 :

English language

Section-2 :

Mathematical concepts (10th level)

Section-3 :

Analytical ability and Quantitative Aptitude

Section-4 :

English Comprehension